CFP: Costume and Culture blog

Costume & Culture ( is extending its remit to include the work or other scholars and commentators. I invite contributions that explore clothes, costumes and wardrobes from interdisciplinary perspectives. These submissions can take the form of short summaries of ongoing research (500-1000 words), outlines of research that is published in more detail elsewhere, or extracts from larger texts. It is intended as a shapshot of ongoing research in this field. Key themes for exploration include (but are not limited to):

  • The relationship between clothes and the body
  • Technological developments in clothing and fashion
  • Masks and disguises
  • Transvestism and gender construction
  • Dressing up, masquerade and cosplay
  • Costume for film, TV and stage performance
  • Fan fashion and cultural capital
  • Clothes sharing
  • Wardrobes, changing rooms and domestic dressing spaces

Contributions should be no more than 1000 words, and should include at least 2 images. Numbered references are preferable, and all images must be captioned. Include a short biography of 3-5 sentences. Contributions should be emailed to